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This Ottomato website includes the Ottmato Content Manager. You can update the content of your website at your own convenience. Working closely together we reach excellence in design. Feel free to add a few ingredients, like logo design or a blog option. As a matter of fact a standard can of Ottmato comes with one additional ingredient.

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Go for a fresh Ottomato website and impress your clients with bespoke design. This recipe, like a canned Ottomato comes with the Ottomato Content Manger. However a fresh website offers more creativity in the appearance of your website, as well as the way the site is navigated. Pick two additional ingredients for your fresh Ottomato website.

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Attract customers to an accesible and user-friendly e-commerce webite. Choose your design be it fresh or canned. Run your own Ottomato market. Add products, manage your orders, etc. Update your website with the Ottomato Content Manager. Put your products on the Ottomato market. Choose a total of three ingredients to spice up your website.  

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Ottomato offers an array of ingredients to spice up your website. Among the options are: logo design, a blog option, Twitter and other social media add ons and a multiligual option for your website. Additional you may be interested in improved search engine results (SEO) and other marketing options to make your site easier to find. Add a combination of ingredients that fits your tastes. We can even explore new ingredients.


The website for Chalet de Neige, a holiday home in the French Aples, is a good example of a canned Ottomato website. This is a multiligual website which is easy to maintain using the Ottomato Content Manager. It also demonstrates how basic design and accessablity is combined way to view images that is slightly different from usual.

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Ottomato is flexible and enjoys working closely together with its clients. Here the client chose to use his own logo design and chose to be heavily involved in the decisions that were made during the design process. The result is a very personal design, yet still accessible for users and easy to maintain for the client.

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This no frills website is a prime example of a canned Ottomato website. This client added logo design as the additional ingredients. Like all websites it comes with the Ottomato Content Manager.

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If you are looking for an example of a fresh Ottomato website take a peek at this concept website. The design speaks of itself. To demonstrate the flexibility of the Ottomato Content Manager (OCM) the same content for this site is used for the concept site. In other words, the OCM works behind any visual design.

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Ottomato Web Design & Development is a sole trader business I started out of a keen interest in web design and programming. My goal is to offer bespoke design for small businesses and individuals while staying affordable.

Everything in life is subject to change. That is why Ottomato offers flexibile design ready for change and expansion. This means the coninuous development of a website. With Ottomato your website will never be outdated.

Additionally, it is essestial to be in the top ranks of search engines like Google. To enable small businesses a chance to compete I offer marketing services and advice in helping bring more visitors to your website.

Ottomato is a combination of words put into one. Otto is my surname. With my background in art you can expect unique web design. Tomato is a fruit or vegetable, depending who you talk to. This represent my flexibility, finding a solution to a problem without getting stuck in one perspective. Tomatoes are used in a wide range of recipes. They can be eaten raw or cooked. There are also many varieties of tomatoes. This represent the many options and services I offer. Combined these words form Ottomato, which is an organic way of saying automatic. As a developer this means creating automisation. As a client, this means easy maintenance of your website. For the visitors of your website this means user-friendliness.

Because for Ottomato it is not just about creating websites, but also continually developing them, I believe in building a strong and professional relationship with my clients.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I look forward to working with you.


Ottomato Web Design & Development